Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

    The donation for our arrangement is always taken care of first. Please leave my gift in plain sight or left in clear view for me to see. Please never make me ask for it.

      Please be respectful and always be a gentleman!! Your kindness and generosity will be appreciated and rewarded. Please respect me and I  will always treat you with the same manner. I live by the "Golden rule". Time is how my rates for the donations. I do not negotiable.

     My Elite Companionship is the perfect company. I will always be pleasant and cheerful. Abusive manners will not be tolerated! For example...don't ask me a question you would not dare ask your mother.

    To fully enjoy a meeting with me then you must be well-groomed, smell nice or freshly showered.

     Screening or contact info is required for you to hangout with me at my location. You must have a passing score to be seen. Please do not put just any fake information down.

      I only will schedule appointments with individuals staying at a hotel, motel, or for an overnight visit with a passing score. Please do not call me or send anymore text messages if you are not going to give me truthful information.